July 8: We have received a donation of $2,000 from DAVID MAY and his family. It is prize money earned by his Varian bred horses, Mikayla Julleyn V, Shimmering Silk V, Morning Glory V and Master Jullyen V, who won the Signature Stallion colt class ATH at Scottsdale in 2010. David and his daughters decided to donate their winnings to less fortunate horses, providing a chance to live for the 47 horses in Texas. Here is David's letter.

July 23: Thank You email from trainer Michael Davis working with rescued horses at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue:

Michael DavisJuly 24, 2010 at 11:09am

Subject: 47 Horses

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of these beasts.

I volunteer as a trainer at Gypsy Heart in Lubbock, Texas where we got four stallions. Ramona tells me that she already has found them new homes. They clearly have been underfed (I keep my own horses on the thin side, but these were abused), unhandled, and untrimmed. Still, their breeding came through and three got trimmed quickly, and I am working on the other (Julio - very protective of his left side still). All have put on a bit of weight and three are extraordinarily easy to work with. If I didn't already have too many horses, I'd take Julio home in a heartbeat - he has so much potential.

The world is a better place for your presence.

I am sure everyone joins me in thanking Michael for his volunteer work training these horses and helping them towards brighter futures.

To adopt a horse or donate towards the cost of caring for the horses, contact the Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue in Lubbock, TX www.gypsyhearthorserescue.net Gypsy Heart has taken in 3 more Arabians from another program, all colts. Your support is appreciated.

The Arabian Horse Rehoming Service, http://www.arabianhorserehomingresource.com

Happy Horse Have Rescue took 3 horses http://www.happyhorsehavenrescue.com/

Media contributed to the success of rehoming effort by informing public and we express our gratitude to reporters who covered this story.

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  1. There are discussion threads on the Alex Brown Racing site and the Arabian Breeder's Network.
  2. Collins County Animal Service notice on Arabian auction
  3. Information on equine abuse/refeeding starved horses from UC Davis
  4. The Arabian Rehoming Resource
  5. The Arabian Rescue Mission
  6. AHA rules on abuse
  7. AHA information on horse rescue
  8. Horse Rescue/Care info: www.hearts4horses.org

Thank you to our donors:


FRIENDS OF BARBARO (Alex Brown Racing Site)

Marsha Thompson, Marina Arabians

Veronica Allman, Arabian Select Marketing

Linda Von Rotz, Shaide Alliance

Nancy Gallun, Gallun Farms

Marina Arabians
Arabian Select
Gallun Farms

WARNING: Starved horses require a special feeding protocol. Do NOT feed starved horses grain or nutrient rich hay. Please see the UC Davis paper on abused horses and refeeding starved horses by Dr. Carolyn Stull.

If you do not have alfalfa in your area, you can feed rabbit pellets which are made out of alfalfa, and are easy to weigh for controlled portions.

Thank you.

Psalm 84 Even the Sparrow finds a home

July 8, 2010: 47 Arabian Horses seized in Collins County, Texas will go to auction tentatively scheduled July 10th, 2010. The goal is to find homes for the horses. This is an extremely challenging rescue which requires that we all work together to have a good outcome. These images are haunting, they look like ghost horses. Please dig deep to help them. Today we got a story in the Dallas Morning News http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/city/collin/stories/DN-horses_08met.ART.Central.Edition1.296aeda.html If link doesn't work here is html copy of story.

ARABIAN SELECT MARKETING has generously offered to provide a free email broadcast to anyone who donates $25 to this cause. Irene Deem Creative Services will do the design of the email broadcast for free, magazine ad layout or a cell phone web page for your website on any donation over $25.00. Special thanks to ARABIAN SELECT MARKETING owner VERONICA ALLMAN. Donors of $100 or more get a case of wine with custom labels. People who adopt get a free web site and hosting for one year.

UPDATE JULY 15, 2010: Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue (www.GypsyHeartHorseRescue.net) has 4 stallions at their facility. 1 stallion and 3 mares went to Happy Horse Haven Rescue (www.happyhorsehavenrescue.com.) 3 additional horses were purchased for private buyers represented at the auction by Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue volunteer Kristi Canovali. We hope you will consider donating from time to time for the ongoing operating costs of these rescues. After rehabilitation, some of these horses will be available for adoption.

PRESS RELEASE written by Marsha Thompson


YOUTUBE slide show/video with music by Natalie MacMaster. Thank you to MacMaster Music for permission to use the song FAREWELL TO PETER from the album YOURS TRULY.

FACEBOOK we are running Facebook ads and Google Adwords ads.

YouTube slide show. Thank you to MacMaster Music for permission to use Farewell to Peter from the album Yours Truly. Thank you to Marsha Thompson for writing our Press Release used in this slide show.

These photos show the horses condition when seized in late June 2010.

July 10 photos
Photos taken July 10 during preview before auction.

ALL 47 HORSES ARE SAFE!!! Aug 20 update: all horses are reported to be recovering; the mare with the 2 body score is doing well. The 4 stallions at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue have been moved to Toskhara Arabians and are doing well.


Fox 4 Dallas News

WFFA in Dallas

Thank you to the Rescue Groups, North Texas Humane Society, Sheriff's Dept. and Animal Services of Collin County, Texas for doing a superb job of refeeding these starved horses. They used the UC Davis protocol for refeeding starved horses. Thank you to the Fans of Barbaro and the David L. May family for their generous financial & moral support, and the many other individuals who donated. We are told the sheriff's staff showed obvious concern for the horses and the loading went smoothly. 2 professional trainers donated their time and skill. Correction: 4 horses were purchased by Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue. Previoulsy we reported 10 horses were given to GHHR. All the horses were sold, none given to rescues.

Dionne Anglin from Fox 4 KDFW covered the story live from the auction. There are so many people to thank, but special thanks to Kristi Canovali and Tanya Eastman, our volunteers, as well as the sheriff and new owners.


There are more videos, photos and stories on the Arabian Breeders Network and the Alex Brown Racing site.


If you would like to write a letter thanking the sheriff and animal services for the excellent job done by their depts. write


THANK YOU TO DAVID MAY AND FAMILY for donating their prize money from their Arabian show horses to benefit these horses.
Congratulations to Leah Johnson on her beautiful new filly Candy Sue who is recovering beautifully as you can see.
Rescued Arabian horse
Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue Stallions


Stallions at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue. Although not halter broke, all the horses exhibit friendly, calm and intelligent personalities, despite their harsh background. Photographed at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue on July 15.